About Me

I’ve heard it too IMG_1335 often to disregard: I have a big mouth. I like to think of it as being unapologetically myself but nevertheless, I’d like a space to share my thoughts without judgement or fear of offending people. I hope this blog improves my writing as well. I know successful blogs have themes — working out, cooking — but mine doesn’t.

I am a third-year student at University of Calif., Davis studying Cell Biology and just recently declared a minor in Writing. The summer after I graduate, I am planning to go to New Delhi, India to participate in a program called Sight for All. There I hope to work alongside optometrists, ophthalmologists, nurses, and scientists to provide eye care for those in need. When I return, I want to work in molecular biology research and when I’ve paid off my student loans, go back to school and become a Doctor of Optometry.

My pastimes include hanging out with my friends, watching movies, reading science fiction and fantasy novels (although I want to start reading more nonfiction), blogging, and going to McDonald’s at midnight. Enjoy my blog!

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